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What to evaluate before buying African mahogany seedlings?

What to evaluate before buying African mahogany seedlings?

A change in quality is the result of the fulfillment of important steps within the nursery, such as the selection of seeds, cleaning of the nursery, the choice of the container in which it will be planted, rustification, among other points. Below, we present some items to be observed before the acquisition:

Tubetes: it is indicated that the African mahogany seedlings are planted in plastic tubes, favoring the non formation of entanglement in the roots.

Torsion: it is important to verify that the torsion is well formed, with white roots.

Size: it is recommended that the seedling is already 20 to 30 cm tall on average. If it is less than that, do not make the purchase.

Hardening: it is essential that the seedling goes through the hardening process, before being carried out in the field. This process reduces the shading time, allowing the plant to be exposed to the condition it will face after planting. Seedlings that do not go through this process are more likely to perish.

When choosing where to buy African Mahogany seedlings, do not take into account only the amount that will be paid for the unit. The tip is: know the origin of the seedling completely. Ask for details of the seed planting, ask about the container, if the seedlings are rusted and also the guarantee that the units will reach the planting site presenting the necessary conditions for planting.

Source: https://mercadoflorestal.com.br/

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