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Risk management in African mahogany culture

One of the biggest risks of damage to productivity is fires, because depending on the intensity, they can result in irreparable damage. Aiming at the reduced reduction of its occurrence, it is recommended that the control be done through fire breaks near the planting, but in cases of accidental burning, it is extremely important that the team is trained to control the fire.
Regarding climatic events, these are unavoidable risks. Lightning storms, periods of drought and gusts of wind can damage the forest, but in a partial way, that is, do not destroy as much as fires and do not devalue the product as much, the reason being that the sale of wood depends only on age.
As for pests and diseases, these are risks considered to have the potential to affect the productivity of the African mahogany forest, considering the intensity of the attack:
• Pests: ants, termites and arapuás bees;
• Diseases: fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Source: Brazilian Forest Institute

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